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Don't ever compromise. Play the game your way, with the top brand-name equipment, accessories, footwear and apparel that will never let you down. We scour the country looking for products specifically designed for women and girls. That's Aries Apparel. Because we don't have anything against boys. We just don't want to wear their clothes.

We Get It At Aries Apparel

At Aries Apparel, we know you want to not only perform at your peak, but to look your best too. That's why we specialize in top name brand, quality sports apparel, sports bras, accessories, equipment, athletic footwear and workout wear for women and girls.

We serve all ages, sizes and abilities youth through plus sizes. Whether you play team sports like soccer or volleyball or workout in the gym we're here for you. Maybe you need a great pair of basketball shorts or workout capris or maybe a new soccer ball or yoga mat, Aries Apparel is your store.

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The 7 Most Important Things True Friends Do

August 02, 2016

Posted in friends, girls, loyalty, women

The 7 Most Important Things True Friends Do
Friends come into our lives in many ways. Some were born down the street and others we know from college dorms. Then there are those unexpected people who burst in over brunch and force you to take notice.  Some people enter our lives at a particular period when we need them most, stay awhile, and move on. It's part of the natural process of adulthood. But a select few are in it for the long haul.  HERE are the seven most important things true friends do

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