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February 17, 2017

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5 Things You Should Not Eat Before Going To Bed

People tend to head towards kitchen just before going to bed in order to grab the bite of their favorite chocolate or scrumptious dessert. This happens because many early diners would feel hungry till they head to their bedroom.

Binging on food is one of the common mistakes people commit before going to bed. However bad the habit it is, one would find it difficult to avoid food before sleeping as they may not get sound sleep on empty stomach. If you also love to snack on food before bed then make sure that your snacking list doesn’t include the following –

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February 03, 2017

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The 10 Coolest New Packaged Foods, According to Nutritionists

Your standard ranch dressing just got WAY better.


Every once in a great while comes a product so clever, we don't know how we lived without it. (Oh hey, KIND bars!) And while some packaged foods  turn out to be downright villainous, others can only be described as supermarket heroes. To help ensure good prevails over evil every time you hit the grocery store, we asked Karen Ansel, R.D., Maureen Callahan, R.D., and Rachel Meltzter, R.D., to put the most innovative new goodies through the nutritional gauntlet to see what came out on top. These are the culinary advances you need, and the ones you deserve. 

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January 20, 2017

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The 5 Things My Illness Forced Me to Learn—That Everyone Should Know

For some, chronic illness descends slowly with intermittent aches and pains. For me, it came overnight: One week I was bouncing around Nashville bars; the next I was hunched over at work with headaches, fatigue, and body aches.

At age 22, I’d come down with the Epstein-Barr virus, commonly known as mono. It shattered my immune system and completely derailed my life. I was bedridden for the good part of a year, and I've spent the last five years dealing with near-constant chronic fatigue, pain, and POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).

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January 06, 2017

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Sports Parenting: 3 valuable lessons picked up from 10 years of work

My oldest son is only 4 and I am already thinking about what it will be like if he ends up being an athlete.

But not for him – for me.

As a Mental Skills Coach, I know the positive potential that sport has: involvement helps to build confidence, character, determination and more. Having worked with young athletes for over a decade, I also know that there are challenges athletes will face, including frustration, lack of confidence and stress.

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December 23, 2016

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How Much You Should Be Exercising If You Sit at a Desk All Day

The perils of sitting all day aren't good. Researchers have shown that remaining stationary for extended periods of time (like at your 9-to-5 desk job) can be detrimental to your health. While exercise is a big part of offsetting the harmful effects of sitting, it was unclear how many gym sessions were needed to help — until now.

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November 01, 2016

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5 Ways To Still Your Mind

 A quiet and still mind is a state of emotional and mental calmness. When in this state, you may feel that your brain is empty’ and free. You don’t have stress, worries or any fears. You tend to experience a sense of freedom and happiness.

Most people end up their day in bed thinking of what they can do the next day, what they should have done during the day and thinking about friends, job, family, vacations etc.

The day-to-day hassles exhaust your body and mind. During the night, when it’s time to relax and have a good sleep, your mind is still racing and trying to process tons of information.

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October 22, 2016

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Breast Support for Sports Critical for Women

Running is a fitness routine that can support almost any athletic endeavor, and it also has one of the lowest investment costs of any sport. All a runner really needs to buy is a good pair of shoes, right? Not so, say local apparel experts. That thinking only works for half of the population. The other half needs another piece of equipment equally as vital to comfort and support: a quality sports bra.

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