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Helping Female Athletes Dreams Come True

The Greek Goddess Athena was known as the goddess of wisdom, skill and strength. In Greek mythology, she became the Goddess of the capital city of Greece (renamed Athens, after her) as she was a valuable warrior in many battles defending her city. Athena believed that although she was a woman, she had every right to be able to accomplish her goal of ultimate victory in battles defending her country. Without a doubt all competitive female athletes feel a bit of Athena each and every one of us, as we too are determined to feel superior to all physical goals put ahead of us in both team and individual sport. Athena’s bravery and courageousness is one of the reasons why the Project Athena Foundation named their charity after her. This nonprofit organization gives scholarships to female survivors of life-threatening physical or mental injuries or illnesses to help live our their athletic dreams. The scholarship money donated helps with entry fees, coaching, specialized equipment, and airfare to help women and girls achieve an otherwise impossible physical or athletic accomplishment. 38-year-old Kelly Luckett from Atlanta is a recent Athena Foundation recipient. Kelly was born with has limited mobility in her right arm, has lost one of her legs in an accident, and endured an open-heart surgery when she was 7 to repair an artery. From childhood well into adulthood, Kelly felt automatically sidelined from all sporting events, feeling that her physical limitations made her unable to ever be a participator in any athletic activity. One day, after watching her husband run in countless running competitions, Kelly decided to participate in a 10K race just to see if she could even train and finish the run. Even though she lacked proper equipment for an amputee and was in much pain, Kelly did indeed finish that first race with her husband and today she is 1 of 3 amputee women to ever be a Boston Marathon finisher. This year, with help from Project Athena, she will compete in the FANS 24-Hour race in an effort to find out just how long a physically disabled woman can go. Participating in this event is Kelly’s true athletic dream that she never thought would come true (to read more about Kelly and other Athena recipients, click here). We at Aries Apparel continue to applaud all girls and women who have to overcome significant obstacles just so they can do what we all love to do, which is be able play and participate in sports. To help the recipients of the Athena Scholarship Foundation, please visit We love to see girls helping girls continue to play!