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Oh, The Places We've Been in Summer 2010!

Looking back at our 2010 Summer, Aries Apparel (out of our Aries vans & tents!!) has been a whole lotta' places introducing as many female athletes as we can to Aries Apparel and all our fun products.  We've been at various tournaments all over the states of Oregon and Washington.  Here are some of the highlights from what we've seen & where we've been over this fantastic summer, not to mention all the awesome athletes and families we've met along the way! 1) Valley Invitational Girls Fastpitch, Hillsboro Stadium, June 2010 (120+ teams participated!!)  This tournament rocks.  We have shoppers in the store that return every year from all around the region as they found us two years ago when they first came to town to play.  We're told they save up for their trip to Oregon to shop at Aries Apparel.  The group that organizes this event really hits it out of the park year after year and we're honored to help sponsor this premiere event. 2) Mount Hood Challenge, Portland Metro area, August 2010 Girls in this gigantic tournament were all over our glitter headbands to match their uniforms! A long weekend but we had an awesome time and some new customers found Aries Apparel!  Talk about well organized, you should see the website for this tournament - you can search by any and every criteria, it's amazing.  Top notch for sure. 3) North Clackamas Softball - Summer 2010, Clackamas/Milwaukie. We were at various softball tournaments here all spring and summer long! We love this softball venue as they provide space for hundreds of girls to play competitive softball and the park district representatives are phenomenal to work with year after year. We are happy to pitch our Aries Tent at these fields anytime we're able to!  It's a great way to serve the eastside too, as it's a time commitment to come out to the store from there (although soo worth it don't ya think ladies!!) 4) Annual Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament: Seaside Beach, August 2010. This beach volleyball tournament is our hands-down most favorite event of the summer! Over 800 teams arrive in Seaside, OR to compete on the sand for the Volleyball Championships. All ages, all levels of play.  Our apparel tent is swarmed all day with volleyball players, even boys, just dying to purchase our ever popular funkadelic shorts with matching sequin headbands!  And this year the weather was ridiculously beautiful all weekend which brought lots on new people from inland to the coast and they got to experience the event too. 5) Washington State U14 Fastpitch Softball Championships: Kelso, WA  We had the privileged of traveling up to Washington to support the State Softball Championships for these phenomenal competitors! So much fun to see all the excited teams there with their families and to let them know we're there for them and they can so easy shop online!!  Can't wait for next year. The opportunity for us to go to the female athletes where they play is the best win-win.  Until we get big enough to have stores everywhere it's our pleasure to bring our store to them - even if it's tent-sized.  ;o)