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A Small Slice of Current Aries Apparel Merchandise!

For those who have been in our store, I'm sure you'd agree that it is looking pretty colorful in here! Say goodbye to exercising or showing up to practice in baggy old sweats, stained or worn out shirts, and sports bras so ancient you might as well be wearing a training bra, if anything at all! As we learn more about what you girls want and need the merchandise at Aries keeps getting better not only in selection and variety, but in colors, brands, sizes, and options. Just check out our Facebook page for regular updates on hot new products in the store, or shop on our website if you can't make it in to the store!
New Nike Performance products! This looks like a giant assortment of easter egg colored workout attire. Wearing bright colors like this is not only fashionable, but also is a safe choice for outdoor runners who generally steer towards dark colored outfits...making themselves more difficult to see by drivers on the road. Show up in one of these rainbow colored shorts or shirts and you will not be missed!
Gymnastics is a department we're growing every week and we love the sparkly, glittery, shimmery gymnastics leos in the store right now. You'd be crazy not to come and at least try on this  bedazzling outfit.
Paired with one of our popular, colorful headbands, you can't get much cuter than this! Speaking of headbands...all of our zebra-headband-wearing
fans can rejoice in our new line of reliable and comfortable zebra headbands. Now blinged out---this new headband is sure to fly off our shelves. We also have an extensive selection of plus sized workout wear, girls softball pants, girls gym clothes and girls workout wear. You'll have to come into the store to see the rest! For more information on Aries Apparel and our mission to empower and make girls feel more comfortable playing sports and exercise, please visit our website, stop by to say hi, or give us a call!