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Checking in on our New Year Resolutions!

This morning some family friends and I joined 31,000 Portland, Oregon runners and walkers in the annual Shamrock Run. The 33-year old event is a 5K, 8K, and 15K road race held annually the Sunday before St. Patty's day to kick off the start of the Portland running race season. The race's route throughout downtown Portland has a little something for runners, walkers, athletes, and families of all fitness levels, making it one of the largest attended running events in the city every year. 11,000 people signed up for the 5K alone this year!  One of the other amazing things about this much loved event is that it happens approximately 3-months after the start of the New Year. That's right, about the time when our New Years Resolutions, the one we made what seemed like an eternity ago where we said we'd try to lose weight, be more active , have a healthier lifestyle for our family, get our kids outside getting exercise....these types of resolutions have probably by now become more challenging and have taken to the back burner a bit. Well, after running the 8K (OK, I did stop to walk and stretch once or twice!), I was incredibly impressed to see so many active, healthy people in Portland this morning, despite the rainy and cold weather we had January, February, and March, when we tend to stay inside rather than get our daily exercise and some fresh air. So during this 3-month mark into 2011, no matter what your 2011 New Year resolution is, health related or not, take a moment to do a little self reflection to see how you're doing with things this year. We are all not perfect and resolutions really are just goals we set for ourselves that tend to be a little out of reach in the first place, so much that we have to have a special name for that goal calling it a 'resolution' and dedicate an entire year to it ;) Either way, there were 35,000 Portlanders who woke up at 7am the first day of daylights savings time of 2011 to dedicate themselves and families to fitness and fun, when ordinarily we'd be lounging in our sweats watching TV or sleeping  (which trust me, I wanted to do too!).  So acknowledge the progress you've made and keep up the great work.  Your physical and mental states of mind and body thank you for it.  For those of you who are kicking your NY Resolution's butt and maybe getting in shape, training for your first race, losing some weight or just exercising and being more active, we want to celebrate with you at Aries Apparel. Come on in to find fitness apparel that makes starting and staying active something you can feel good and confident about!