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A New Reason to Run to Aries Apparel!

As if Aries Apparel didn't have EVERYTHING you ladies needed already (OK, we're a little bias, but we have hard evidence to back up how awesome we are), we are now giving all of our customers a reason to run to our store and shop! You guessed right, in addition to soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, dance, basketball, softball, swim, and overall workout wear for women and girls and plus sized workout wear....we're now stocking the shelves with more running gear and running shoes for you too. Follow our NEW Aries-Guide to looking and feeling good as we conquer a new sport: running.  1) ShoesAll the most popular Asics, Brooks, Nike, and Mizuno running shoes are now at Aries Apparel to dress your feet to hit the pavement and help you be a top performer, whether you are a beginner or veteran runner. Helpful hint: Buy running shoes at least a 1/2 size larger than your normal shoe--help protect your toes & toenails! 2) Socks : To go with your new pair of sweet kicks comes new socks to prevent blisters, athletes foot, and overall pain and foot discomfort associated with running. So with your runners pick up some WrightSocks (double layers and anti-blister material) and you officially won't have to worry about your feet bothering you while out on a jog.  You can 'test' these socks too at Aries which is a huge benefit. 3) Apparel: I can surely tell you that any twinge of uncomfortable-ness while you run will truly effect your workout. Not only the right type and material of apparel, but the right size is crucial if you are trying to obtain running success. Our fitness apparel selection is abundant head to toe at Aries Apparel as we carry Nike, Under Armour, Champion, Adidas all in different styles and sizes for tops in bottoms. We suggest coming in and trying on different brands until you find some that work--then buy in different colors since you know you'll be comfortable and confident! 4) Sport bras: Next to your shoes, a solid sports bra for running is an absolute necessity. We know girls who claim they cannnot run because they are too large-chested or they are too uncomfortable overall to exercise and endure a running movement. Our infamous sports bra wall-of-bras combined with an Aries Apparel staff member will help fit you properly so discomfort is eliminated for future exercise and you find the best sports bra for you.  No more wearing two bras.  Rule of thumb is a new sports bra every six months. 5) Accessories: There are plenty of running accessories needed to help keep your running routine comfortable, safe and stylish. Hats help keep sun out of your eyes and our variety of sport headbands will manage flyaway hairs in the wind. Our slap watch is a stylish way to keep track of time out on the road but also cute enough to wear all day long. Last possible addition is a waterbottle to hold on hot days. It is not unusual for runners to take care of themselves during exercise by carrying a water bottle for hydration and Aries Apparel has an awesome selection for you. One more running must-have here at Aries Apparel before you hit the road is a Spibelt. A Spibelt is a ridiculously comfortable and stylish fanny pack for runners, bikers, or hikers. Its slim, lays flat (even in vigorous exercise), doesn't cut off circulation around the waste and it doesn't ride up uncomfortably. My daugher is training for the Portland Marathon and was able to hold her iPhone, a bag of pretzels, and a fruit snack all in the Spibelt and it didn't bother her once on her 15-mile run. It is a Runner's dream if you need to carry things on the go. Comes in different  colors too! Click here to see a review of this product online. So now you that Aries Apparel has once again came through for ALL your sporting needs, come on in and try on some of our new gear to help move your performance to the next level.