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YOU LOSE, YOU WIN! Let us help you reach your fitness goals!

In support of all 2012 New Year’s resolutions to be fit and look and feel fabulous, Aries Apparel is launching a ‘Winners Circle’ promotion to help you reach your goals! We have observed something interesting with our customers over the last few years, rather than shopping at Aries Apparel before women begin their weight loss journey, they’re coming in to shop AFTER they’ve reached their weight loss or fitness goals. We are all for rewarding yourself with some shopping after all your hard work, however, usually that means in the meantime you are exercising in old, ill-fitting workout clothes that aren't exactly going to make you feel excited about going to the gym. I've exercised in clothes that don't fit, its not fun and it makes me feel even more self conscious to go to the gym than I already am! We also know that buying new, properly fitted and nice quality exercise apparel and accessories is expensive and an why do that if you're planning to lose weight? WE CAN HELP!! Starting on January 2nd, we launched a CLOTHING EXCHANGE program called the ‘Winner’s Circle’. We’re inviting women beginning their own fitness programs, at any time during the year, to come into Aries Apparel and register with a sales associate or manager to be a part of our Winner’s Circle program. Upon registration, you’ll receive a $20 gift card to be used towards your first new purchase!!! Along with your name and contact information, you’ll register your current size clothing in tops, bottoms and sports bras. If you don't know your size, don't worry, we'll help! As you progress down your fitness and exercise road and lose inches, you can bring in old, baggy workout clothes and we’ll exchange them* with new workout clothes at 40% off!! In case you thought you read that wrong, yes, 40% OFF!! You deserve to look and feel great all the time, regardless of your current state of fitness. So dig down in those drawers ladies. It’s time to get rid of those old, ex-boyfriend’s, worn out workout clothes and come into Aries Apparel for something fresh and new to help motivate you to reach and exceed your goals! We are proud to be one of the only local shops that provide exercise and workout clothing in all sizes including plus-sizes, to fit most all women and now there is no excuse not to come in and freshen your workout wardrobe. The exercise and workouts you may be doing are hard enough, don't let your clothes make it harder on you! We look forward to helping you look fantastic – from start to finish! YOU DESERVE IT! *One top, bottom and sports bra for each size exchange. i.e. 2x to a 1x