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5 Things You Should Not Eat Before Going To Bed

By Women Fitness Magazine -

December 15, 2016

People tend to head towards kitchen just before going to bed in order to grab the bite of their favorite chocolate or scrumptious dessert. This happens because many early diners would feel hungry till they head to their bedroom.

Binging on food is one of the common mistakes people commit before going to bed. However bad the habit it is, one would find it difficult to avoid food before sleeping as they may not get sound sleep on empty stomach. If you also love to snack on food before bed then make sure that your snacking list doesn’t include the following –

  1. Coffee

A cup of coffee is refreshing, but you don’t need to be refreshed before going to bed. Another problem with coffee is that it is acidic in nature. Sleeping just after sipping a cup of coffee would aggravate stomach acids that would disturb your sleep while causing uneasiness that you would never want to experience. Keep your coffee love limited to mornings, as nights are to sleep!

  1. Aerated Drinks

There are many reasons you may avoid aerated drinks. The caffeine in these drinks take away your sleep by making you alert. You would enjoy the heightened energy levels for some time, but soon this would affect you next day badly due to lack of energy, concentration, and drowsiness. Another big problem with these drinks is the soda that causes severe acid reflux in your stomach and esophagus once you lie down. The carbonated drink may sometimes become very difficult to handle as it exerts immense pressure on the stomach and diaphragm. Again these drinks are loaded with sugar and that won’t be the healthy choice anytime during the day.

  1. Processed and Junk Food

Junk or processed food would be tasty and tempting. You would enjoy a packet of chips while watching your favorite show or movie, but you won’t enjoy it anymore if you know the calorie count of this one packet. Read the nutrition value of the pack before gulping it fully. Also note the portion size as usually the values are mentioned for smaller portion size to make things worse! They may also contain monosodium glutamate that would bring you many sleep related issues due to poor digestion.


4.  Cruciferous Vegetables

You may think of having a bowl of salad for late night hunger pangs, however if you are planning to add cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli to it then take a break! These vegetables are rich in vitamin and high on fiber, which may be good to have during day time but not at nights. Your digestive system will have to work overtime in order to digest these foods and this will also hinder your night time sleep. You will feel uneasy and may have to wakeup frequently due to burps and acid reflux. Avoid red meat too as it also comes with similar issues.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Great to taste and nice to eat, dark chocolate is not for late night snacking. This cocoa rich delight may have many benefits that you want to enjoy along with the mesmerizing taste, but this chocolate would actually charge you up. It contains caffeine and amino acid that would pump up your body with energy. Having a boost of energy is good but not at the sleeping time. Indulge in this bitterly sweet chocolate in the afternoon to get your energy dose for the remaining day.

Above 5 things can be on the top of your favorite list but when it comes to sound night time sleep, just don’t compromise as this will bring you a dull morning the next day!