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5 Ways To Still Your Mind

by Author Urmet Seepter

A quiet and still mind is a state of emotional and mental calmness. When in this state, you may feel that your brain is empty’ and free. You don’t have stress, worries or any fears. You tend to experience a sense of freedom and happiness.

Most people end up their day in bed thinking of what they can do the next day, what they should have done during the day and thinking about friends, job, family, vacations etc. The day-to-day hassles exhaust your body and mind. During the night, when it’s time to relax and have a good sleep, your mind is still racing and trying to process tons of information. Eventually, you realize that you don’t relax at all, you don’t have a quiet mind and stress starts to crop up slowly. It’s true that we’ve been so much caught up by thousands of demands of the modern day life, that we have temporarily lost touch with our cool, relaxed and quiet natural state of being. The things that we encounter during the day invades our inner space to some level thus impacting on our emotions and desires.

With all these emotions and desires in our minds, we might end up rushing through life without identifying our true purpose in this world.

That’s why you can find asking yourself several questions like; why do I always feel incomplete? Why is life so unfair to me? Why do I get agitated easily?

Many of us have been in this situation and we’ve managed to sail through it. How did we manage to live a fulfilling and a happy life? By practicing various skills that are meant to still and quiet the mind.Below are some of the key steps that you might find helpful if you want to achieve a quiet state of mind and consequently a happier stress-free life.

How To Still Your Mind?

  1. Create an inward focus

You need to accept what you cannot change in life and focus on the physical world that you can be able to control. Focus on your mind and body. Focus on your mental state and emotions.

To do this, close your eyes for a few minutes and listen to whatever sound around you. Do your best to refocus in case you ‘hear’ any internal chatter. This works for everyone. When you open your eyes, you feel great and relaxed.

What people don’t know is that most of the profound experiences of inner quietness, still mind and peaceful mind occur away from the meditation zone. Some situations and scenarios which have been known to induce a still mind include sitting on a cliff and watching the rippling ocean waves, sipping a cappuccino, having a lonely nature walk or communing with a pet. You may find out that sipping a cappuccino makes your mind free and still, something else can work for another person. So the real issue is finding that activity that completely takes away your thoughts. That’s the way to create an inward focus for a quiet state of mind.

  1. Realize the nature of your mind

We’re all made differently and so, our minds have been programmed differently. Realizing the nature of your mind is the fastest way towards quieting your mind. Your mind might be spinning several miles an hour to sort out your individual life, the world, and everything in it.

Understand what calms your nerves and what raises your heart rate. Be aware of your fears, anxiety and worries. Know why you can’t sleep. Know why your meditation classes are becoming stressful rather than helpful. Maybe you’re trying to force to still your mind in a way that your brain translates it as stressful. Once you realize the nature of your mind, you’ll be able to identify ways that can help you develop a still mind. So, before buying any meditation book or subscribing to any online program, understand your mind first.

  1. Avoid listening to your brain

Your brain is basically the engine of every system in your body. We all know what happens when an engine works for a long time without being shut down. When your brain is tired processing millions of information, it would try to ‘tell’ you that your life is boring, your work is a tedious one or your family is a nagging one.

Whenever such thoughts come into your mind, distract them as much as possible. With such thoughts. you can never have a peaceful or a still mind. Strive to always have a positive attitude towards life. A positive mind creates the mood for relaxation and hence a quiet inner feeling.

  1. Find time and space

If you’re that person who has packed daily schedule with no time to breathe, it will be necessary to find yourself space and time to relax. Simply relaxing and reading a book can calm and quiet your mind if the bustle in your head caused by the numerous tasks that you must perform during the day. Remember this isn’t about meditation. This is just finding time and space in your day that can help you breathe in fresh air, chat with friends or walk your dog around the park.

  1. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening to us, in us and around us. It’s living in the present. What causes tons of thoughts to crisscross in our minds is worrying about tomorrow. Learning to accept the current situation can help still your mind. It’s a skilled practice that enables you to have a clear perception of the constant nagging incessant thoughts. Mindfulness allows you to see things what they are at their best. Whatever the situation, your mind can ignore it. Mindfulness allows your mind to ignore those things and situations that your brain would have otherwise considered them hazardous. You program your mind such that stressful situations could be perceived in a better way.

Quieting your mind is a process that can help refresh your brain allowing you to accomplish your daily tasks with ease. Remember that exercises and keeping a healthy body also plays a major role in creating an ambient environment for the mind to process information.With a still mind, you can be able to live a life free from stress. The inner peace in you can be felt by people that surround you meaning that your efforts to still your mind will not only benefit you but it also those people around you.