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High School Ambassadors

Aries Apparel's Ambassador program is taking a hiatus for the 2018-2019 school year.

Our mission is to support female athletes in all ways at all times. In support of this mission, we are pleased to announce the Aries Apparel Ambassador Program! We have designed this program for local high school female athletes. Our goal is to be represented in the local schools, so that we can further serve the girls by having a pulse on what the athletes want and need to succeed. And additionally to provide benefit and potential college scholarship to the candidates.

How Aries Ambassadors Works

We are asking local public and private school coaches and Athletic Directors to nominate athletes in their school that best exemplify the characteristics of an Aries Ambassador. Each candidate will complete an application and interview to represent their school for each calendar year. Each senior Ambassador will be able to compete for an Aries Apparel Scholarship at the end of their commitment. We are so excited to be able to introduce this program and to showcase these amazing young women!

Who Can Be An Ambassador

We are looking for energetic multi-sport athletes that are enthusiastic about their sport, their school and themselves! They must be willing to be connected to Aries Apparel through various communication means. Each Ambassador will “report” through multiple Social Media channels. (ie. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). Here’s a list of potential reports:

  • 2-3 Tweets/Instagrams per week
  • Reporting of Score and Game Highlights/pictures
  • Instagram- Posts pictures of Athlete of the Game/Week athletes wearing/using Aries products
  • Reporting of sport fashion trends and hot new items
  • Be willing to have connection with Aries Apparel…either through email/phone/in person once a month
  • Be Friends of Aries Apparel on Facebook, like on Twitter and Instagram (and other potentially relevant social media)
  • Be featured as an Aries Ambassador on our Facebook page and potentially in-store.

OSAA / NCAA Compliance

Compensation for being an Ambassador will be in accordance with current OSAA/NCAA regulations so as to not hinder an athletes’ future eligibility. Every Ambassador will be treated as a member of the Aries Apparel family through receiving staff apparel, and having an employee discount at the store. We will also offer team discounts to their current teams on merchandise ordered or purchased through Aries Apparel. At the culmination of their “reign” each Senior Ambassador will compete for a $500 Aries Apparel Scholarship (one time award) by writing an essay about her experience as an Ambassador.

Get Started

Contact Laurie Bailey, Aries Apparel Community Relations Manager

All coordination, application and contact with each Ambassador, will be with our Community Relations Manager, Laurie Bailey. Ambassadors are chosen each spring to represent Aries Apparel the following school year.