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Discount and Loyalty Programs at Aries Apparel

Winner's Circle

In support of all women on their weight loss and fitness journeys, Aries Apparel has created a clothing exchange program called the ‘Winner’s Circle’. Come into Aries Apparel and along with your name and contact information you’ll register your current clothing size in tops, bottoms and sports bras. Upon registering for the program, you’ll receive a $20 gift card to be used towards your first new purchase. As you progress down your fitness and exercise road and lose inches, you can bring your old, baggy workout clothes into the store and we’ll exchange them with NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES AT 40% OFF.

You deserve to look and feel great all the time, regardless of your current state of fitness. So dig down in those drawers ladies. It’s time to get rid of those old, ex-boyfriend’s, worn out workout clothes and come into Aries Apparel for something fresh and new to help motivate you to reach and exceed your goals!

We look forward to helping you look fantastic! From start to finish!

*One top, bottom and sports bra for each size exchange. i.e. 2x to a 1x

Loyalty Program

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Shoppers who over time spend $100 earn a $5.00 gift card, those who spend $250 earn a $25 gift card and those who spend $500 earn a $75 gift card. It benefits the customer to accumulate points for a larger gift award but points accumulated can be redeemed at anytime at any of the levels.

How do I earn Points? You earn points dollar for dollar for every purchase you make at Aries Apparel whether paying with cash, credit, debit or gift card. The points are entered onto your card and are not a part of the Aries Apparel software system. You alone hold all your points.

How do I redeem Points? Once you have enough points, tell us that you’d like to redeem them and we’ll handle it from there! Aries Apparel can easily check the balance of points on your card. Online customers will accumulate points.

Rewards cards must be present at the time of transaction to receive points. This is not applicable to online customers. One point is earned for every full dollar spent per purchase at our locations. Rewards cards may be registered to preserve existing points. Loyalty points are not accumulated for gift card purchases but are accumulated when gift cards are redeemed when product is purchased.

Team Loyalty Club (TLC)

Due to the popularity of Aries Apparel’s Loyalty Rewards program, we have created a special Loyalty Program especially for athletic team purchases*. This program will allow any athletic team, or club, to accumulate loyalty points to be converted to dollars to be spent on a future team purchase. Previously, team purchases went unrewarded, but now every dollar spent on product for your team will earn you loyalty points at the rate outlined below. Those points can be converted to dollars toward new product purchases for the team or club, at any increment the team coach/manager/mom/dad chooses.

  • $1,000 in purchases earns $50
  • $2,500 in purchases earns $150
  • $5,000 in purchases earns $325
  • $7,500 in purchases earns $500

*A team purchase is defined as any quantity purchase of 10 or more. Special orders do qualify. Loyalty points will be subtracted for any product returns. Loyalty points will be awarded to a team or club account, not an individual account and that account will be managed in Aries Apparel’s POS customer database available for viewing at any time.

Birthday Discounts

All customers have the opportunity to earn 20% off an entire purchase during their birthday month. Just share your email address and birth month and day with Aries Apparel and we’ll send you a coupon for this fantastic opportunity to get the latest and greatest sports apparel or equipment 20% off!

Know a local high school female athlete? Read about our High School Ambassadors and the benefits they can receive.